Nov 20

Companies Being Excellent: Standout Performances in 2020

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Be excellent to each other. It’s one of Entrata’s key values, and perhaps the most pertinent during the current climate. 

“2020 has shown us so many examples of humans not being excellent,” said Chase Harrington, president and chief operating officer of Entrata. “But we’ve also seen some of the best in humanity.”

Throughout the Entrata Connect four-episode series, the company highlighted many of those who went above and beyond during an unprecedented 2020.

Here are their stories:


The company wanted to be prepared in the event that one of its team members or their family members became ill. Bonaventure sent out emails seeking volunteers and was shocked when approximately half the company expressed interest within an hour. 

“It was really an organic experience where one of our team members had an idea, it grew, it snowballed and it really turned into a Bonaventure Cares swat team,” said Dwight Dunton, founder and president of Bonaventure. 

The team distributed cards, gift baskets and even helped mow the lawn of someone who had fallen ill. The efforts also included creating space in regional offices for non-remote associates to bring their children, who were remote learning. Dunton was most impressed with the proactive nature of his team members in the philanthropic efforts. 

RangeWater Real Estate

In an effort to make an impact during the pandemic, RangeWater developed “ear savers,” which helps make masks more comfortable for those suddenly having to wear them for extended periods of time. The idea originated from Atlanta-based regional director Trip Maynard, who has family in the medical industry and wanted to help. 

“The goal is to get these ear savers in all 50 states,” said Tracy Bowers, executive managing director of RangeWater. “So far they are in 24 states, and a lot of our vendors have partnered up with us in the effort. Valet Living will actually go and identify who needs them and helps us take them to the different states.”

RangeWater will continue the effort until it reaches its nationwide goal. 

Lincoln Property Company
The shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) was well documented at the outset of the pandemic. Lincoln Property Company personnel jumped in by supplying 15,000 hepa-grade filtered masks to doctors and nurses at Florida-based hospitals Holy Cross, Memorial South and Joe DiMaggio Children’s, in addition to many others. 

Terri Rogers, business manager for Lincoln, teamed with her husband, Chris, and First Presbyterian of Fort Lauderdale to spearhead the effort. Rogers and her family performed the finishing work on more than 2,000 of the masks, which began after Rogers saw a social media post from friend Holly Mann. 

“She was in an emergency room wearing a gas mask and goggles—and it wasn’t a joke,” Rogers said. “That was her PPE for the day.”

TI Communities

When the pandemic arrived, TI Communities did not want to take a reactive approach. The company quickly discerned the most immediate needs for residents, which included rental assistance, local food resources, utility assistance, access to governmental programs, academic assistance and COVID resources. 

“Our markets are in underserved communities, so we focus year-round on impact and on instilling hope for our residents,” said Paige Velasquez, director of enrichment programs at TI. “So while we experience the same operational challenges as our peers, we also simultaneously focus on our residents’ needs and how we can go beyond the call of duty for them.”

The effort began in March, when TI provided residents with more than 65 market-specific resources. The effort included partnerships with several local food providers and school-supply outlets. The company has also worked to provide virtual programming for residents on pertinent topics.

Entrata wanted to play a small part to help the excellent efforts of each company continue and has donated to each of their causes.