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Oct 16

Recap: Tricks To Treat Prospects Better Webinar

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This week, we hosted a webinar to discuss a few website tricks to treat your prospects better, as well as new updates to ProspectPortal. Matt Frandsen from Entrata along with panelists Taryn Silva from Paradigm Management and Jaemi Carkin from Greystar, shared with us stats and opinions about what works to create effective websites.


Oct 16

Tricks for Treating Prospects Right

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Are visitors to your website getting the good stuff, the trick-or-treat equivalent of a king-size candy bar, or are they taking away an experience more on par with grubby little ghosts made of kleenex and dryer lint? When your website has so much potential to impact conversions, every decision you make becomes important.

The terrifying thing is, sometimes those decisions may seem perfectly legitimate, but they’re actually scaring off your website visitors and driving conversions down. Some seemingly innocent website design decisions are doing real damage and should be avoided. For example, does your website use any of these creepy clowns? continue

Aug 16

SiteTablet Sneak Peek: Webinar Recap

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This week the Entrata team hosted a webinar to discuss upcoming changes to SiteTablet. Joshua Renberg from Entrata gave a first look at the new interface and discussed how the changes will help properties to lease more efficiently with tablets. Also participating in the webinar were Aaron Kurek from Greystar and Nick Mitchell from Alliance Residential Company. They discussed ways that they are using tablets at their properties to help improve the experience for prospects, residents and property staff.


Jul 16

What Utility Companies Aren’t Telling You: Webinar Recap

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This week the Entrata team hosted a webinar to discuss ideas for improving utility billing at properties. The webinar explained how properties can reduce the cost of processing utility invoices by up to 75% using a third party provider. Eric Bjornn, Director of ResidentUtility at Entrata, and Chandler Smoot, Product Manager of Utility Expense Management at Entrata, also discussed ways your property staff can be saving time and money through utility expense management.


May 16

Amplify Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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This week Entrata hosted a webinar on how properties can improve their digital marketing strategy by using both SEO and PPC together. Sarah Greenough, Princeton Properties’ Chief Marketing Officer and Ryan Nadeau,’s Founder and Chief Evangelist, joined Matt Frandsen, Entrata’s Associate Director of SEO and PPC to discuss ways property management companies can improve their ranking signals with link building, content, and rank brain. They also discussed ways to use PPC in conjunction with SEO to have a seamless digital marketing strategy.


Apr 16

Introducing DocumentStorage

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This week the Entrata team hosted a webinar to discuss the new partnership between the National Apartment Association’s Click & Lease program and Entrata’s DocumentStorage. The two panelists went into detail about how the partnership works and benefits users. A demo of the new DocumentManagementTM system was presented at the end. DocumentManagement is a more robust document storage option for properties using Entrata’s Property Management Software.


Mar 16

What Residents Want: Webinar Recap

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This week Entrata hosted a webinar about how online reviews impact residents during the decision making process. Veronica Romney, Entrata’s Director of Marketing Suite Products, was joined by’s Chief Marketing Officer, Aaron Weiche, to discuss ways property management companies can improve their online reputation. The webinar answered several attendee questions and outlined a variety of tactics for properties looking to improve their overall rating, increase the quantity and quality of reviews, and manage their overall reputation.


Mar 16

Top Five Ways to Get a Positive Online Review

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by Michelle Perroni, PR and Social Media Manager


Reviews are impacting a prospect’s decision to rent now more than ever. A recent study by Entrata of more than 1,800 renters showed that 94 percent of prospects are referencing reviews during their apartment search. Not only that, but more than half of those prospects will actually contact your property after reading a positive review about it.


Feb 16

A Portal in Their Pocket: Webinar Recap

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This week Entrata hosted a webinar on the new ResidentPortal App with Nicole McLemore, National Special Projects Manager at Lincoln Property Company, Colby Hansen, Digital Marketing Manager at Weidner Apartment Homes, and Kate Hampton, Vice President of ResidentPay at Entrata. The webinar focused on how the new app functions, how companies are using the app, and how the new marketing materials promote the app among residents.


Jan 16

Training a Team of Product Experts: Webinar Recap

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Webinar Image (1)This week, the Entrata team hosted a webinar to discuss how to effectively train your property staff to be expert users of the software. We were joined by Toni Burdette from Woodruff Property Management Company. She gave some helpful tips on how to get staff members quickly up to speed.