Dec 13

Property Solutions Values: “Be the Joneses” – Stefanie Lukowski

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Stef_L_Joneses2 co blog

Here’s a sneak peak of our upcoming Values Blog and the stories we’ll be sharing about the extraordinary people we work alongside everyday. Stay tuned!


There are approximately 15 types of people; The unsung heroes; the sung heroes with epic poems written about them; people who talk during movies; … 11 others we haven’t quite thought of yet…. and finally, those who set the standard that everybody tries insanely hard to keep up with (you know, The Joneses). This story is about is about one of these types of people.


Stefanie Lukowski is known throughout Property Solutions as continue

Dec 10

December Team Member Spotlight

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December Team Member of the Month

Eric Barbour

Associate Director of Client Services

Eric made his way to Provo by way of UC Irvine, where he received a degree in Physics. We’re very happy he decided that immersing himself in the world of science theory wasn’t as appealing as working with actual people because it means he’s now a member of our team. Eric’s communication and customer service skills keep his clients happy, and his ability to diagnose and define technical issues makes the lives of our developers easy because his requests are always clear and concise.

Co-workers notice Eric’s positive energy and his ability to build strong relationships. His trainings are always top-notch and his willingness to share his knowledge makes him the go-to guy for questions and advice. continue

Nov 10

November Team Member Spotlight

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November Team Member of the Month

Michael Lewis

Support Representative/Check Scanning Specialist

Michael has been a valued member of Property Solutions’ Client Services team since 2009 and acts as the go-to guy for our Check Scanning product, Resident Pay Desktop. Michael’s dedication to his work is evident to his team and clients alike. As a trainer, Michael often helps get new members of the team up-to-speed quickly. Michael is often the first to arrive in the office and the first to volunteer for weekend and holiday shifts to make sure clients are well taken care of, which is greatly appreciated by his teammates.

When he’s not getting up before the sun to come to work, Michael loves bowling and spending time with his wife, Lindsey, who also works at Property Solutions. continue

Oct 10

Team Member Spotlight

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October Team Member of the Month

Virginia Tory

Director of Merchant Services

Virginia has been involved in the property management industry since 1986, managing communities in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah before joining the team at Property Solutions. Her perspective and her ability to put herself in a client’s shoes have proven invaluable as our company has grown. Besides her vast experience, Virginia’s generosity and willingness to help both clients and co-workers make her a stand-out team player.

When she’s not figuring out bank migrations or setting up underwriting, Virginia likes to be in her garden. Her desk is the greenest corner of the office, and her plants always seem very happy. continue

Sep 10

September Team Member Spotlight

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September Team Member of the Month

Derek Lefler

Associate Director of Client Services

Derek Lefler has been with Property Solutions for a little more than a year and has put the time to good use. Derek is a fast learner. His clients and co-workers find him easy to work with and quick to offer help. Whether he’s solving a Rubik’s cube (his record is under a minute) or solving a client’s problem, Derek handles his job with creativity and dedication. His ability to grasp new concepts makes him a great resource.

When he’s not toiling away at Property Solutions, Derek enjoys mountain biking, video games, and sandwiches. (He recently won a t-shirt at a local sandwich shop for consuming a 24-inch sub in 23 minutes!) He’s a dedicated family man with three adorable kids. continue

Aug 10

Team Member Spotlight

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August Team Member of the Month

Doug Phillips

Project Manager

If you ask Doug Phillips about his hobbies, he’ll list the two that take up all of his time: his work & his family. Doug spent some time living on both coasts before finally settling down here in the mountains of Utah and we’re glad he’s here. He’s a great addition to our development team and is always willing to go the extra mile.

It sounds like his dedication is hereditary. Ask Doug about his family and he’ll tell you about his beautiful and accomplished daughters. One danced in the “High School Musical” movie, another is a top-ranked Rodeo athlete, and another earned her first college degree (Associates) at age 17 and is on track to finish her bachelor’s degree by 19. Genius must run in the family.


Jul 10

July Team Member Spotlight

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July Team Member of the Month

Nate Keplinger

Inside Sales

We would like to give our thanks and best wishes to Nate Keplinger, who is Property Solutions’ employee of the month. Nate is headed to Arizona for medical school, but has been working as an inside-sales rep at Property Solutions for the last year.

Nate always goes above and beyond with his responsibilities and is one of the most productive guys in the sales department. Throughout the month of May and June, Nate closed more sales than any other inside-sales rep. Nate is also a great competitor. He helped our softball team, the PSI Punishers, jump from the lower to upper division this season, and his colleagues describe his Foosball skills as above-average.


Jun 10

June Team Member Spotlight

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Team Member Spotlight

Jad Startin

Senior Architect

Jad Startin has been doing exceptional work for Property Solutions for over a year and has greatly contributed to the success of our Check Scanning product. Jad is an problem-solving ninja and is often called upon to help diagnose merchant account issues. You can count on Jad.s quick response to trouble-shooting requests. Jad’s contributions benefit our development, accounting, and support teams, and most importantly, our clients.

We appreciate Jad’s hard work and friendly, helpful attitude. He can do it all, and he does it well! Each month we will feature another member of our team. Stay tuned.


May 10

May Team Member Spotlight

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Team Member Spotlight

Darrin Perry


Property Solutions is lucky to have a guy like Darrin Perry around. Darrin does much of the heavy lifting for our design team, creating everything from new web templates (see Rustic above), to flash animation, to product brochures and other digital media. If you need something to look great, Darrin is your man.

Not only is Darrin a brilliant designer, he is also a thoughtful team-player. Co-workers describe him as quick to respond, happy to help, and willing to go above and beyond to make sure everything turns out just right. Regardless of the circumstances, Darrin can be counted on to provide a consistently high quality of work.


Apr 10

April Team Member Spotlight

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apr_team Alex Birch

Associate Director of Client Services

What we love about Alex, besides his cheerful disposition and helpful nature, is his dedication to Property Solutions and to our clients. Alex can often be found working hard long after everyone else has left for the day, and he’s willing to step in to lend a helping hand with clients and co-workers alike. Alex has a Zen quality that helps restore calm to tense situations, and a way of naturally inspiring confidence in those around him. continue