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May 18

Renovate Your Websites

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1080x1080 copy@3x-100Apartment communities spend a lot of time and energy providing a positive living experience for residents and developing a strong curb appeal at their properties. And while focusing on these areas is an important aspect of successfully managing a property, it unfortunately means that attention to digital curb appeal often takes a backseat.

Ensuring that a visit to your website offers the same brand experience as a visit to your community is a step in the right direction, but it’s only half the battle. In addition to looking nice, your property website needs to function. This means that your property website not only does everything your residents want it to do, but that it’s set up to make life easier for you by connecting workflows and positively impacting your bottom line. continue

May 18

Beyond the ILS: Expanding Your Digital Footprint

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180503_BeyondTheILS_WordpressThe digital marketing strategy for some apartment operators begins and ends with the ILS. But that really shouldn’t even qualify as a strategy considering everyone uses an ILS to some degree – and it leaves a lot on the table.

Sure, ILS listings are effective for attracting some of the traffic at the top of the funnel when prospects first begin their apartment search. But ILSs aren’t very helpful later in the search process when you’re competing with other communities in your neighborhood to close a lease. continue

Apr 18

Don’t Let Apathy Win: Apartment Operators Forfeit Revenue by Refusing to File Small Claims

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180402_Apathy Blog Post_FBIt’s unavoidable. Whether your apartment community is affordable, market-rate or luxury to the extreme, your residents are going to cause damages.

What makes a difference is how you handle those damages.

Apartment operators forfeit significant amounts of revenue every year by failing to file smaller insurance claims pertaining to resident-caused damages, and oftentimes these damages fall under the umbrella of coverage. The gold standard for loss recovery is about 85 percent. Entrata data indicates that clients recover only 11 percent of resident-caused damages, which clearly leaves a vast amount of money on the table. continue

Feb 18

Smart Home Tech Needs Open Technology Ecosystems

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Smart home ecosystemNew technologies bring new challenges, especially when it comes to brand new categories of hardware.

Smart home technology is no exception.

Smart thermostats, smart smoke detectors, smart locks, leak detection systems and many others often come with their own software that gives residents the ability to control the devices from their smartphones. But being required to log in to several disparate apps and web portals to control different smart devices is not only inefficient for the resident, it is an inefficiency that apartment owner/operators managing hundreds of homes can’t afford.

“I believe in an open and scalable ecosystem,” said Tommy Deserti, head of RNC and OEM for Nest. “Regardless of the brands you love, if you want longevity, an open ecosystem always wins. When you think about open and scalable, there are going to be software updates. If you’re buying into a software heavy innovation you’re going to be good.” continue

Dec 17

Tech Tools That Can Help Identify Synthetic ID

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Synthetic IDSynthetic ID is the fastest growing form of fraud, and its pervasion has seeped into the multifamily industry. Created by using a combination of real and false information to forge a new identity, synthetic ID continues to become more prevalent.

It’s true: some of your own residents might have used an altered social security number on the apartment application. They passed with fraudulent info and moved right into your community. continue

Dec 17

From Tour Guide to Subject Matter Expert: How Technology is Transforming the On Site Team

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ExpertTo say that people are now comfortable purchasing products online before even touching and seeing them in person is a massive understatement. After all, according to the Census Bureau, e-commerce sales increased 15.5 percent in the third quarter of 2017, compared with a mere 4 percent growth in total retail sales.

Part of the reason for that bump is the amount of detailed information now available about products and services online. With numerous review sites, detailed specifications, and 360-degree-rotatable images, you can learn more about a product with the tap of a finger than with an in person examination. continue

Nov 17

Keeping up with the Consumers

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Deconstructing consumer behavior really comes down to one thing – perception of value.

Unfortunately, that one thing is more complicated than it sounds. There are an endless number of perceptions from a seemingly endless variety of prospective renters and residents. That’s why apartment owner/operators who navigate the consumer behavior maze most effectively and efficiently win residents at higher rents and for longer lease terms than their competitors. continue

Nov 17

Voice-Activated Smart Home Living

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In a session at the recent NMHC OpTech Conference, panelists ruled on the debate over whether or not to add smart home technology to apartments: It’s not a matter of if, but when. What a smart apartment actually looks or sounds, however, is still very much in question. continue

Oct 17

Webinar Recap: How Entrata Helps You Hire & Retain Employees

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In a recent webinar discussing how Entrata helps property management companies hire and retain employees, panelists Jason Larson, Chief Strategy Officer at IDM and Dan McLennan, Regional Sales Manager at LinkedIn, shared best practices in retaining employees and how you can better optimize technology to reach the millennial generation. They examined ways to recruit top employees and create opportunities for career growth in the property management industry, as well as how technology can help increase employee retention rates.

Entrata’s VP of HR, Brandon Fish, shared success stories from clients who have utilized Entrata’s software to both attract employees and retain them.  

In case you missed it, there’s a recording of the full webinar here.

Oct 17

Cyber Security Essentials

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Each October the Department of Homeland Security launches a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity. With news of data breaches increasing in both frequency and scale, we think it’s a great time to look at a few of the essentials that should be in place to keep your residents’ data safe and secure.