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Nov 17

Voice-Activated Smart Home Living

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In a session at the recent NMHC OpTech Conference, panelists ruled on the debate over whether or not to add smart home technology to apartments: It’s not a matter of if, but when. What a smart apartment actually looks or sounds, however, is still very much in question. continue

Oct 17

Troubleshooting Your Lead Management

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Some apartment leasing teams manage leads efficiently and effectively without losing any opportunities, while others struggle to even return phone calls and respond to emails. In every portfolio, there’s room for improvement when it comes to lead management. continue

Sep 17

News from the Summit: Sticking it to the ILS

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For most common apartment search terms, like Los Angeles apartments or apartments in New York, the first page of Google is pretty much taken. Internet listing services own those pages, spending whatever resources it takes to maintain the top positions. That’s not to mention the sheer number of Los Angeles or New York apartments they have listed on their sites that give them an advantage with Google.

But that doesn’t mean an owner/operator can’t compete without spending thousands of dollars a month on numerous upgraded ILS listings. With a hyper-local perspective, a broader strategic view of online marketing and a comprehensive content marketing strategy, property managers can produce even stronger conversion ratios, according to a  panel discussion today at the Summit.


Sep 17

News from the Summit: A New Generation of Lead Management

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Leasing offices across the multifamily industry have traditionally focused their lead management strategies on an agent-centric approach. And for good reason. An agent-centric strategy allows properties to manage their leasing teams easily. It focuses on agent effort and easily measured benchmarks and allows the property to provide a consistent leasing experience for potential renters.


But, in an Entrata Summit session in Park City, industry panelists laid out some pretty compelling arguments why an agent-centric lead management approach may be past its prime. In fact, it can be a breeding ground for inefficiencies. With studies showing that as many as 88 percent of outbound calls and 80 percent of outbound emails are going to leads that don’t convert, the time is ripe for a new, prospect-centered, approach to lead management.


Jul 17

Stop Running Away from Poor Reviews!

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Chances are your marketing efforts include creating profiles across a variety of social media to interact with residents and prospects, but even if you haven’t, your property is increasingly susceptible to online reviews. Not only are there more channels than ever for online reviews, the number of people using those channels to publish their opinions is growing. These days nearly 30 percent of occasional online users (twice as many as in 2014) report leaving up to five online reviews every year.

So what do you do when you pull up a profile to see that a former resident has left a one-star review on Google, or get a notification that someone has left an extensive rant on Yelp? You may be tempted to shut it all down. Here at Entrata, we’ve actually had customers contact us asking for help deleting Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yelp, and any other profile they can think of, hoping that if they don’t offer a place for people to talk, then nothing bad can be said. continue

Jun 17

NAA Social Media Contest Terms & Conditions

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By making an Entry and participating in the Drawing, you (“Participant”, “you”, or “your”) agree to be bound by and comply with the following Terms and Conditions. You agree that the information collected by Entrata in connection with your Entry may be used to execute the Drawing. You agree to accept the prize awarded and hereby release Entrata, Inc., its agents, affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, employees and representatives (“Entrata Parties”) from all liability relating to the awarded prize, your use of the prize, or the Drawing itself, including property damage, personal injury, or death. You agree that in any cause of action, the Entrata Parties’ liability will be limited to the cost of participating in the Drawing, and in no event shall the Entrata Parties be liable for attorneys’ fees, punitive, consequential, direct, or indirect damages, and you waive the right to claim any damages whatsoever.


May 17

Don’t Give Up On Your Blog

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In an era of snaps, tweets, and podcasts, the humble blog may seem a bit archaic, but there’s still a lot of heavy lifting a blog can do for your online marketing efforts. If you’ve ever considered scrapping your blog, or if you *gasp* never created one, it’s time to educate yourself: continue

Apr 17

Better Security. Better Rankings. Free.

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A safer internet is an initiative that we can all get behind. Webmasters who implement Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption on their pages help achieve this goal by ensuring more secure server connections. Since 2015 Google has been a cheerleader for SSL certificates, going so far as changing their indexing system last year to actively seek out HTTPS pages. In short, taking the steps to make your website safe not only protects the security of your data and the privacy of your users, it can actually give you a competitive advantage with search engine presence. continue

Mar 17

A Partner You Can Count On

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Red Vans at the Googleplex? You betcha! Entrata’s SEO Services team has earned the designation of Google Partner with Premier status, which translates to periodic invitations to Google’s Mountain View HQ and, more importantly, a strategic advantage for Entrata’s SEO and PPC clients. continue

Mar 17

The Big Three of Social Media Advertising: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

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Business owners and marketers have a heavy responsibility in deciding where to spend their marketing budget in order to achieve the greatest ROI.  When it comes to paid search, it is clear you should have a presence on Google.  But what about social media?  

If you’re like most businesses, you don’t have limitless reserves of cash to spend on marketing. And there are so many social media platforms that you could easily find yourself spreading your budget too thin if you’re not strategic enough.