Nov 16

Cyber Security: It’s About the People, Including Vendors

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Like most challenges and successes companies experience, strong cyber security traces back to one factor — the people.

Not only the people at your corporate office or communities, but also the people at your vendors and the steps they take to protect resident data. That was the message delivered during the “Cyber Security Action Plan: Ten Things to Do Right now” session at NMHC OPTECH 2016 Tuesday in Dallas.


Oct 16

Don’t Wait for the Downturn: Design Renewal Programs with These Tips

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Rent growth, occupancy, revenue. The key performance indicators are all up across the country.

But the conversation about the metrics today is about when they’re going to start going down. Every veteran of the multifamily industry knows it’s going to happen … sometime. It might not be tomorrow, but the downturn in the cycle is going to happen.


Oct 16

Keys to a Successful Vendor Relationship

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shutterstock_543839563Vendors. They can make or break whether a resident chooses to lease with you, continue living with you or write a good review about you.

Yet, many vendor relationships are more contentious than they are healthy. Contentious vendor relationships can put a strain on on-site staffs and, worse yet, harm your relationships with residents.

The good news is there are some things you can do to improve relationships with your vendors. Asset Campus Housing and Aspen Heights shared their keys to a successful vendor relationship with us recently. continue

Sep 16

Integrated Marketing and Technology

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integrated marketingWhen the concept of integrated marketing was unearthed decades ago, it involved a narrow set of traditional advertising channels, a few websites, email and public relations. But the information age and technological advances of the past two decades have created a wealth of new information sources and devices. Blogs, online marketplaces, smart phones and tablets have exploded on the scene.

That has made integrated marketing a much larger challenge than ever anticipated, as the evolution of marketing channels has made it nearly impossible for marketers to manually create and maintain a cohesive strategy.

As technology has changed where and how prospective renters receive their information, it has also changed how marketers manage integrated marketing communications. Here are some of the ways technology can help you better manage your integrated marketing strategy:


Aug 16

Late-Summer Back-to-School Crunch? Let Technology Help

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Late August not only signifies that summer is winding down. For a certain sector of the apartment industry, it means crunch time. For any student housing communities – or traditional communities that receive a fair amount of student traffic – late August can be as hectic as the holidays for retail vendors.

But as each year passes, new innovations are easing the stress for apartment owner/operators, who can save plenty of time and hassle with technological upgrades. Technology has always played an important role in minimizing headaches and making student housing easier to manage, but newer technologies are making it even easier.


Aug 16

The Platform Question: To Bundle or Not to Bundle

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When building a technology system to support your business, one size never fits all. Whether you’re considering a single-provider platform or working with multiple providers to integrate software systems, there are a number of considerations to take into account. At Entrata, we’ve grown our platform in such a way that gives us a unique perspective from both sides of the issue. Here are a few things that we’ve learned. continue

Aug 16

The Role of Technology in Increasing Asset Value

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Traditionally, asset value of a community has almost solely been driven by market dynamics in a particular location. The asset is more valuable, naturally, if it’s located in an improving neighborhood and has an amenity package that separates it from the competition.


Jun 15

The Paperless Office is No Longer a Dream

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shutterstock_9259642Paperless has been an unfulfilled promise for many businesses for decades. But today, thanks to a widely connected world, incredible mobile technology, and the development of new powerful platforms, it’s a promise that’s on the brink of realization for many in our industry.  Wondering if you’re ready to haul all your file cabinets to the curb? Is shifting to paperless really worth it?

May 15

Easing the Burden of Student Housing

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Student Instagram copyThe roots of Property Solutions are in student housing, and the company has not forgotten that. This was the driving point of the Property Solutions Summit panel Pledge Entrata: The Changing Landscape of Software for Student Housing.



Mar 15

From Reporting to Business Intelligence

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Reporting to Business IntelligenceIf translating information from data points to actual business intelligence were easy, everyone would be doing it. But when it comes to actionable intelligence, the challenges start before the data even gets to the report. For many property managers pulling information from a multitude of systems through a series of patches and into a data warehouse is problematic – information becomes jumbled and formatting is inconsistent, limiting the efficacy of the information for the decision makers who rely on it. continue