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Mar 18

Introducing Two-Way Texting

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A growing number of your prospects prefer texting to phone calls, and with the Entrata’s new two-way texting functionality, you’ve got them covered.

Entrata now allows your properties to enable SMS messaging through your ProspectPortal website by showing prospective residents a “Text Us” option when they click the multi contact button. A prospect who prefers to communicate via text can use the prompt to initiate a message to the property. Then, any agent who has marked themselves as available is able to see and respond to incoming texts right in the Entrata dashboard. continue

Sep 17

News from the Summit: Collect More with Entrata Core

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Creating ancillary income can be a slippery slope. You can produce extra revenue by assessing fees to your residents, but you have to walk a fine line to avoid alienating them with fees they might interpret as frivolous.

Residents understand that they’ll probably have to pay pet rent, a fee for extra storage or a little extra for a covered parking spot. But, they don’t want to feel nickel and dimed with extraneous fees they believe should be part of the rent. continue

Sep 17

News from the Summit: Reducing Fraud in the Information Age

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Reducing FraudApartment operators are constantly devising and revising ways to ensure the personal data of their residents is secure. But what about when the residents themselves commit fraud to live at your community?

A growing number of prospective renters are utilizing fake or stolen social security numbers and fake pay stubs to meet an apartment community’s qualifying standards. And if they’re able to succeed and become residents, predictable problems – and worse – can arise.


Jan 17

Break an Old Leasing Habit

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It’s 2017 and we live in a world of digital transactions, any time, every day, for everything. Your renters are more comfortable than ever using technology to interact with their communities. But despite this remarkable progress a few old-school habits remain, adding hours or days to leasing processes, inflating costs, and cluttering up leasing offices with banks of filing cabinets. A prime example is the transaction at the heart of our industry: the lease.

Despite overwhelming evidence that executing leases online saves time and trouble for renters and property managers alike; despite prohibitive costs associated with generating, printing, and storing paper lease documents; despite the environmental impacts; most renters (over 60 percent!) are still signing a paper lease when they rent an apartment. continue

Nov 16

A Different Kind of Call Center

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Can you get good customer service over the phone? Bad call center experiences are notorious, we’ve all been there – the seeming endless cycle of transfer, hold, explain, repeat. No property wants to put their residents or prospective residents through that kind of hassle. And yet, someone needs to pick up the phone. At Entrata, we believe that excellent customer service can be delivered by phone, and we’re revolutionizing the way we run the Leasing Center to prove it.

So what is it that makes Leasing Center different from all of those other call centers? The answer to that question runs deeper than technology dashboards or screening systems. Entrata is continually investing in the kind of operational innovations that allows us to offer consistent quality that eclipses any other call center service in the industry. If you’ve ever wondered how we make it work, here’s a little glimpse behind the curtain. continue

Oct 16

Tricks for Treating Prospects Right

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Are visitors to your website getting the good stuff, the trick-or-treat equivalent of a king-size candy bar, or are they taking away an experience more on par with grubby little ghosts made of kleenex and dryer lint? When your website has so much potential to impact conversions, every decision you make becomes important.

The terrifying thing is, sometimes those decisions may seem perfectly legitimate, but they’re actually scaring off your website visitors and driving conversions down. Some seemingly innocent website design decisions are doing real damage and should be avoided. For example, does your website use any of these creepy clowns? continue

Aug 16

Late-Summer Back-to-School Crunch? Let Technology Help

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Late August not only signifies that summer is winding down. For a certain sector of the apartment industry, it means crunch time. For any student housing communities – or traditional communities that receive a fair amount of student traffic – late August can be as hectic as the holidays for retail vendors.

But as each year passes, new innovations are easing the stress for apartment owner/operators, who can save plenty of time and hassle with technological upgrades. Technology has always played an important role in minimizing headaches and making student housing easier to manage, but newer technologies are making it even easier.


Aug 16

Win Over Applicants with UX

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Your team works overtime to make sure that every prospective renter who visits your property has a positive experience. Are you working as hard to create a positive experience for visitors to your websites? A little attention to the right details can help turn visitors into applicants, and applicants into residents. continue

Mar 16

Defining the Success of a Property

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By: James Draper


Have you seen the 2011 movie Moneyball or know the story of the Oakland Athletics 2002 season? The premise of the story is very intriguing.

The A’s were a low budget team and in the off-season prior to the 2002 season, they lost three of their best players to larger market teams. In order to compete, they adopted a statistical model to gauge the worth and abilities of a player that were contrary to baseball’s long held beliefs of how to measure talent. Because of this, they were able to obtain players who may have potentially been overlooked by other teams but had better indicators of offensive success according to the model.


Jun 15

The Paperless Office is No Longer a Dream

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shutterstock_9259642Paperless has been an unfulfilled promise for many businesses for decades. But today, thanks to a widely connected world, incredible mobile technology, and the development of new powerful platforms, it’s a promise that’s on the brink of realization for many in our industry.  Wondering if you’re ready to haul all your file cabinets to the curb? Is shifting to paperless really worth it?