Jan 17

Break an Old Leasing Habit

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It’s 2017 and we live in a world of digital transactions, any time, every day, for everything. Your renters are more comfortable than ever using technology to interact with their communities. But despite this remarkable progress a few old-school habits remain, adding hours or days to leasing processes, inflating costs, and cluttering up leasing offices with banks of filing cabinets. A prime example is the transaction at the heart of our industry: the lease.

Despite overwhelming evidence that executing leases online saves time and trouble for renters and property managers alike; despite prohibitive costs associated with generating, printing, and storing paper lease documents; despite the environmental impacts; most renters (over 60 percent!) are still signing a paper lease when they rent an apartment.

It’s about time we changed that. With LeaseExecution™, Entrata has been rethinking the leasing process for over five years. Our clients are using the technology to streamline every step from application to move-in, cutting the time it takes to complete the lease process by more than two days on average and whittling document processing time by as much as 80 percent! We’ve worked closely with them to identify ways to simplify the transition to digital lease transactions and we’re willing to share the secret sauce with you.

If you’re ready to break an old habit, join Entrata on January 24 at 10:00 a.m. MST for a free webinar about LeaseExecution. Long-time users will have suggestions for easing the transition from paper to digital leases. We’ll cover lease automation and setup best practices, discuss how to optimize the user experience for renters (i.e., you don’t just put a paper lease on a screen and call it good), and review Entrata’s Blue Moon integration and unlimited Document Storage.

And then you can work on clearing out those old filing cabinets once and for all. Welcome to 2017!

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