Oct 14

Are You Responsive to Mobile Traffic?

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Leasing,Marketing,Technology

ProspectPortal® Premium with responsive technologyToday over 60 percent of people in the United states own a smartphone and nearly 80 percent of people ages 18 to 44 say their smartphones are with them on average 22 hours a day. Over 25 percent of emails are read on phones, and 10 percent on tablets. Additionally, 25 percent of internet users say their mobile device provides their only internet access. This translates to the majority of renters interacting with their properties exclusively through their mobile devices. Property managers have noticed.
“Our customers have been telling us that they want responsive websites. Some of us are really excited about responsive, but some of us at Property Solutions said, ‘It’s a fad. It doesn’t provide the best user experience,’” admitted CEO Dave Bateman during his Summit keynote address. However, since responsive is what Property Solutions clients wanted, Bateman and his developers decided to go one better. “We decided, we’re not just going to build responsive sites, we’re going to re-tool ProspectPortal® and make the workflows more efficient all in conjunction with true responsive websites,” he explained. That included making important interfaces like the resident portal or online application just as responsive as the homepage so that the user experience is seamless from start to finish.
Bateman noted that mobile traffic to our clients’ websites has eclipsed desktop traffic. “Your traffic is mobile,” he said. And responsive websites are working. For clients testing the new responsive ProspectPortal templates, bounce rates have been cut by two-thirds. Mobile interfaces are showing higher conversion rates even than old desktop interfaces.
Converting all 25,000 websites managed by Property Solutions to responsive is no small task. But Bateman confirms that Property Solutions is committed to doing responsive right for the best functionality and user experience. Find out more about Property Solutions’ commitment to responsive websites at our October 28 webinar titled The Responsive Experience: from Lead to Lease, or browse the responsive design templates available now in our Design Theme Gallery.
ProspectPortal users can convert to responsive websites today. Contact your Client Success Manager for more information.