Aug 13

Anatomy of a Search Results Page

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SEO is a bit of a conundrum to many of us. Making sure that your property website shows up in the searches of qualified renters is just the beginning…trying to anticipate the search terms they’re using, identifying and optimizing for appropriate keywords, building a network of off-page optimization tools, and keeping up with Google’s ever-changing playbook can be positively overwhelming. Not to worry, we have an entire session at the upcoming Summit dedicated to actionable insight into your SEO strategies.


Did you know that making it the the first page of Google search is only the beginning?  Once you’re there, your placement on the page can make a significant difference.  Let’s break it down:



1. Local search:  Google focuses a lot on providing search results that are local and relevant to internet users.  So local listings get a good share of space “above the fold” and a massive share of attention from users.  We’ll show you how to make sure you’re appearing in the list.


2.  Organic search: Even though these listings aren’t at the tippy-top of the page, they definitely get significant attention. Optimizing for organic results is a great ways to generate leads….and not surprisingly, the higher on the page you can climb, the better.


Apartment, internet marketing, online marketing, seo, google, knowledge graph, knowledge graph carousel, search, google search, local search, organic search, paid search3. Paid search:  You can guarantee your spot on the first page with a paid listing.  If you’re dealing with highly competitive search terms, this investment can be some of your smartest marketing dollars.  Keep in mind, however, that searchers view paid results and local/organic results very differently.


 4. Google Carousel & Knowledge Graphs:  As the search engine develops new tools, organic search results are getting pushed further and further down the page.  We’ll demonstrate ways to optimize your google accounts to make sure you’re not overlooked in the new formats.


Want to know more?  Register today for the Property Solutions Summit: Portals to Platform.  We’ll be sharing more information on ways you can make the biggest impact on your lead generation goals as well as telling our clients success stories with SEO.  We look forward to seeing you there!


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