Jan 19

Base Camp Keynote: The Iron Cowboy

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The first time James Lawrence set a record, he says, it was an accident. In 2011 he completed more half-Ironman-distance triathlons in a single year than anyone ever had before. Then in 2012, he set the record for full-distance Ironman races. You’d think he would be satisfied with these very impressive accomplishments. But rather than resting on his well-deserved laurels, Lawrence set out to accomplish his most audacious goal ever. continue

Jan 19

Difficult Conversations Less Challenging With Preemptive Measures

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It’s inevitable. Whether the community you manage is affordable or Class A-plus to the max, residents are never going to be eternally happy. No matter how dreamy your amenities or robust your service levels, the occasional difficult conversation is unavoidable.

Sometimes the resident is upset about a renewal increase or the racket caused by an onsite renovation. Sometimes their discontent stems from their co-residents. Other times, they’re mad just for the sake of being mad. While peacemaker isn’t among the primary duties listed in a leasing associate’s job description, the ability to diffuse tension is an underrated quality in the apartment world. continue

Dec 18

Are Catastrophic Failures Worse Than Ordinary Ones?

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Avoiding disastrous mistakes is a primary objective for any onsite team. But there is a more-subtle concept that can help keep residents in the building: consistency.

Companies across all industries generally think that a catastrophic failure is the No. 1 way to lose customers. In actuality, a series of small customer-service failures has more power when it comes to alienating them.

That’s according to Luke Williams, who shared a bevy of customer-service myths at the 2018 Entrata Summit. Here, we’ll examine the catastrophic failure myth and how it pertains to the apartment industry. continue

Dec 18

Introducing Message Center Template Library

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Entrata’s Message Center lets properties communicate easily and efficiently with residents and prospects through branded and scheduled messaging. And now, with Message Center’s new template libraries with user permissions, we’re offering even better control to help promote brand consistency and empower site-level teams to communicate more effectively.

Communication is vital, and Message Center is a powerful tool. What can you do with Message Center templates? continue

Nov 18

Using Automated Communications to Make Leasing Easier

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Sometimes the leasing process is smooth and uninterrupted. And every now and then, the drive through rush-hour traffic is surprisingly smooth, a political conversation is cordial and well mannered and a root canal goes pleasantly well.

But most of the time, the leasing process takes a few unexpected turns and seldom follows a blueprint. You’re dealing with people, after all, each with their own leasing ambitions, timelines and varying bits of spontaneity.

Thankfully, technology provides ways to simplify the leasing process and avoid many of the common pitfalls that befall leasing associates. Automated communications can make life much easier. continue

Oct 18

Digital Marketing Strategies for More Qualified Leads

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The days of love-at-first-sight apartment conversions are dwindling, particularly in the digital space.

With various options in a hyper-competitive market, prospective renters have become more selective than ever when deciding on a home. In fact, the average renter peruses at least five lead sources when searching for their next home.

Those lead-source sites can vary from a community website, Internet Listing Service, social media, review sites and several others. Essentially, the renter is on a journey when selecting a home.

Marketing teams that track that unique journey can glean a competitive advantage by utilizing the data to attract more prospects. The problem is, many teams credit a conversion to the first or last site visited by the prospect. When a prospect visits several lead sources, the first or last touch point is only part of the story.

That’s why multi-source attribution platforms are becoming more relevant in today’s multifamily landscape. Many consider it a necessity. This platform takes into account every lead source visited by a prospect and assigns credit on a weighted basis. The benefits of multi-source attribution include: continue

Oct 18

The View From the C-Suite

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With ever-evolving technology trends, increased focus on corporate social responsibility and newfound urgency to retain high-performing associates, the landscape in the apartment industry is shifting.

A panel of executives shared their thoughts on these subjects and more relevant topics at the 2018 Entrata Summit in Park City, Utah. Here is a look at some of the primary takeaways from the discussion, which was moderated by Entrata president and chief operating officer Chase Harrington. continue

Oct 18

Liz Wiseman Offers Leadership Strategies for Today’s Workplace

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The way we live and communicate and work is evolving, so how do leaders guide their organization in this new world of work? According to Liz Wiseman, researcher and executive advisor who trains leaders around the world, successful leadership involves building an intelligent team to make smart decisions and take smart risks. It’s better to be a disrupter than to be disrupted.

In her keynote address at the 2018 Entrata Summit, Wiseman led attendees through a series of exercises to help identify techniques for getting access to all of the intelligence and talent of their teams. Her message was based on her best-selling book “Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter.” continue

Oct 18

Navigating the Complexities of Student Housing

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Student housing operators bring a unique perspective to the multifamily world, and in the weeks before Entrata’s Summit, many responded to a survey and let us know which topics are top of mind as they complete turn and settle in for a new term. Entrata brought together a panel of top clients to talk through the issues and share best practices.

Therese Cochran, Sr. Regional Director at Milhaus Management,  was joined by Mark Zikra, CA Ventures’ Director of Technology and Nicole Beach, VP-Administration at The Scion Group in a session that explored how companies are navigating complex issues in student housing. continue

Oct 18

Entrata + Google

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As smart-home automation moves inexorably into the multifamily space, property managers could find themselves wondering how to implement technology into their communities. Entrata reached out to Google to find out what approach a multinational internet giant is taking to helping management companies offer smart spaces within their communities.

Tommy Deserti joined Nest just days before it was acquired by Google in 2014 and works for the company as Head of Real Estate Partnerships. At the Entrata 2018 Summit, he provided insight into Google’s process for applying and adapting new technologies, and their recommendations for multifamily operators.

There’s a process to building smart spaces, according to Deserti, that runs its course whenever a new technology is offered. Right now, he estimated, 70 percent of multifamily management companies find themselves on the first step: Adoption. Most are still trying to figure it out. continue