Jul 21

Onsite Teams: The Real MVPs

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Tech receives a lot of credit for helping the apartment industry get through the pandemic. That’s fair, but speaking as a tech provider, we’re going to put ourselves in the honorable mention category.  Why? Because onsite teams have been the true MVPs of the past year and a half—and it’s not even close.

For 18 months plus, we’ve observed as onsite teams held communities together through the most difficult period the industry has ever experienced. In what became a contactless environment in an era of social distancing, they put a human face on their communities and bridged the gap for prospects who still had to find a new home during the unconventional madness.  continue

Jun 21

Entrata Connect: Dan Levy, Man of the Moment

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He went from hosting Saturday Night Live to speaking at Entrata Connect. Natural next step, right?

We kid, naturally. But it’s fair to say few personalities elicit the immediate buzz of Dan Levy, who gained notoriety as the co-creator and lead actor in the ultra-popular Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek, which recently wrapped up its sixth and final season. 

The success and well-intentioned nature of Schitt’s Creek have resulted in a meteoric rise in Levy’s popularity, which has been a bit of an adjustment for the 37-year-old. Levy co-created the show with his father and longtime actor Eugene Levy (he’s the “too cool” dad in the American Pie movie series). 

In a candid discussion with Entrata industry principal Virginia Love as part of Entrata Connect, Levy discussed a wide range of topics, including his reaction to the SNL invite, how he “forced” his way onto the Canadian version of a popular British baking show and things Entrata should keep in mind when entering the Canadian market.  continue

Jun 21

Entrata Connect: Smart Home Partnerships

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The secret is out—renters are keen on smart home capabilities. What used to be a luxury feature is now an expectation.

More than 80% of renters say they want an apartment with smart home amenities, and more than 60% are willing to pay a monthly fee for a voice-activated virtual assistant. But part of the allure of a smart home apartment is the seamless experience that accompanies it. 

As such, Entrata has partnered with numerous smart home providers to further elevate the connected home experience for property teams and residents alike. 

“When residents demand change—which, let’s face it, happens pretty much every day—we think it’s important to have technology partners who can adapt quickly,” Entrata President and Chief Operating Officer Chase Harrington said during Entrata Connect Episode 2. “We’ve been working with the multifamily industry for several years to help figure out how to make smart communities a reality.” continue

Jun 21

Entrata Connect: An Interview with Yvette Nicole Brown

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Nice guys may finish last according to conventional wisdom, but Yvette Nicole Brown is here to disprove that rule. 

Coby Rich, vice president of marketing for Entrata, recently sat down with the actress, best known for her role on the NBC comedy series Community, for an episode of Entrata Connect to discuss how she stayed connected to family and friends during the pandemic, her career and her key to success.  continue

Jun 21

Entrata Connect: Keeping Communities Safe from Emerging Threats

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Every multifamily organization needs an Eric O’Neill. 

The former FBI counter-terrorism and counterintelligence operative—who spoke during Episode 1 of Entrata Connect—helped capture Robert Hanssen, a former FBI double agent who spied on behalf of the Soviet Union and Russia. Hanssen was deemed the most damaging spy in U.S. history as Russia’s top mole from 1976-2001.  

While multifamily cybersecurity might not rise to the level of industrial espionage, the ramifications of a data breach can be just as damaging to an organization on a relative scale. As O’Neill recounted the capture of Hanssen, the takeaways were well apparent—you can never be too careful with your valuable data, and the enemy sometimes hides in plain sight.  continue

Jun 21

Entrata Connect: Flexible Tour Types

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A prospect arrives at an apartment community, meets with a leasing agent and sees the property in a predetermined path. In the past, that was the only type of tour. But modern-day prospects want choices when they search for their next potential home — and they now have an ever-increasing amount of options. 

Over the past year, the way people tour apartment communities has evolved in various ways, presenting more opportunities to convert more leads to leases. In reaction to the pandemic, many apartment communities began offering virtual and self-guided tours in addition to the traditional agent-led ones. The variety of tour types is almost certainly here to stay, as operators have learned that prospects love options. continue

May 21

The Critical Role of Automation in Lead Management

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Imagine if many mundane daily household tasks could simply be automated. Trash cans automatically transferred from the garage to the curb on pickup day. Groceries neatly placed in the fridge on the proper shelves. The backyard efficiently mowed on a weekly basis because you scheduled the lawnmower to do it at a certain time. 

Much tedious busywork also surrounds the lead management process. But unlike those household tasks, many lead management procedures can be automated now.  continue

May 21

What to Expect at Entrata Connect

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In June, Entrata will be reprising it’s wildly popular online event, Entrata Connect, for the whole multifamily industry. Connect is an event that grew out of the industry’s unique needs in the middle of a global pandemic, but has become one of the most engaging and beloved ways for multifamily professionals to, well,  connect with each other no matter where they may be.

Those who attended Entrata Connect in October 2020 know to expect thoughtful and inspiring messaging, entertainment, and unique care packages delivered directly to their door, but we wanted to share a few details with those who may not have had the opportunity to join us last year to help you make the decision to join us in June. continue

May 21

The Power of Smart Reporting

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We live in a data-rich world. Any PM software platform you use is going to offer lists of reports to find metrics on every aspect of your business. All of this data can offer a trove of information, but how much real insight does it provide? 

Multifamily professionals can find themselves overwhelmed or confused when multiple reports approach the same issue from different perspectives, spending extra time to pull multiple reports, struggling to compare historical data with current trends, and losing faith when numbers aren’t what they expect to see. This wealth of information can end up muddying, rather than clarifying, decision making processes. It doesn’t have to be that way.  continue

Apr 21

Examining Best Practices for Virtual Events 

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Intense data mining isn’t needed to proclaim the terms virtual and remote reached their crescendo in 2020. Essentially all activity in the multifamily environment—including onsite communication, education panels and industry conferences—gravitated away from the in-person experience. 

But just like the industry’s migration to video and remote tours, the transition to virtual conferences wasn’t a flip-of-the-switch endeavor. It required a rethinking of standardized industry practices and a little bit of trial and error. 

At Entrata, we’ve both hosted and attended several virtual conferences, and along the way we have observed some of the key components that help these events sizzle—or at least stand out. 

Here are some of them: continue