5 Tips for Motivating Your Residents to Pay Rent Online

Property managers unanimously agree that online rent payments are the way to go. The time saved processing payments can save a manager an average of $5 per online payment. So now that you’ve made it available for residents to pay their rent online, how do you get them to actually do it? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Post signage throughout common areas on your property: the office, clubhouse, pool, laundry room, gym, etc. Anywhere your residents will see it. You can also send out “Pay your rent online” fliers or emails with monthly rent reminders.

  2. Offer every person that signs up for recurring online payments a gift card of some kind.

  3. Every time you see a resident, ask them if they have signed up for online payments. When they come into the office to pay rent, use an iPad to show them how to do it online.

  4. Have a drawing for a $50 gift card every month where everyone who pays their rent online gets entered to win it.

  5. Make it a part of your leasing or move-in process. Every time a new resident signs a lease, have them sign up for online payments in ResidentPortal™ right then and there. You can teach them how to do it so there’s no confusion.

Hopefully these tips will make your rent week a little less stressful. Who knows, you might even have time to pick up and new hobby. We suggest Foosball!

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