Artificial Intelligence

Entrata Layered Intelligence

Entrata leverages the best AI models and tools to supply actionable aha moments, so your teams can spend more time focused on important community interactions.

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Elevate your teams and communities with flexible AI solutions

It’s not just leasing that benefits from AI. It’s every part of the resident journey.


Spend less time analyzing and more time strategizing. Entrata Layered Intelligence does the heavy analysis for you, distilling information and data so you can make better business decisions—faster.


    Whether it’s leasing, utilities, payments, or invoicing, you’ll have AI to help guide the way. Entrata Layered Intelligence can assist you in anticipating trends and providing suggestions for optimizing workflows.


      Let AI take care of monotonous and time-consuming tasks. With less busywork cluttering their daily schedules, your onsite teams will have more time to build relationships with members of their community.

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        AI anyone can use

        Not only has AI technology advanced to the point where anyone can use it, but it also makes game-changing insights more accessible. Entrata Layered Intelligence does the heavy data sorting for you, helping you make key business decisions faster.

        Features & Services: A broad approach to AI

        Entrata Layered Intelligence is there for you at every point of the resident journey. Set up Entrata’s chatbot to handle leasing questions. Or let our algorithm create optimal pricing suggestions for your units.

        • Revenue Management
        • REDD Chatbot
        • Email Compositions
        • Call Transcriptions
        • Online Review Responses
        • Quick Search
        • RV Index 2.0
        • Cold Lead Identification Predictions

        What guides the development of Entrata Layered Intelligence?

        Security & Privacy

        Fairness & Transparency

        Accuracy & Improvement

        Data Quality
        We protect our AI system and the data it uses against cyber attacks and other security threats. We use data encryption, access control, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS), regular patching, and security training to ensure privacy. We comply with all legal regulations regarding the use of your data.
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        Our AI is designed to be fair and unbiased, which includes accounting for legislation like the Fair Housing Act. We focus on data representation, bias detection, fairness metrics, and regular auditing to remove biases from our AI systems. We allow for human oversight and control. Our customers have access to clear and comprehensive documentation of our AI systems, and we explain simply to end users how our AI systems work.
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        Because AI technology is rapidly evolving, our system is updated and refined regularly to improve accuracy. We continually enhance Entrata Layered Intelligence’s performance and reliability through feedback loops, model retraining, data monitoring, A/B testing, and performance monitoring.
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        Our AI models and algorithms are built on the foundation of reliable data. AI outputs are accurate, complete, and always relevant to the problem you’re trying to solve. We follow best practices around data collection, cleaning, annotation, diversity, and relevance.
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