Jun 12

Online Leasing: It’s Go Time

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Online Leasing: It's Go time

We get it. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with new technology. (There are even a few of us in the office that still haven’t made the leap from flip-phone to smart phone. Sad, but true.) It’s not because we don’t recognize the value of the new technology. We know it’s great and that, most likely, in the near future we’ll be climbing on the bandwagon… but we just haven’t made the switch yet.

We see this happening with online leasing, too. Our development team and usability experts have invested a lot of time and resources in determining what the industry wants and needs. One of the most valued functions is online leasing. Letting residents sign and renew their lease agreement online is more convenient for the resident, for on-site staff, and for the management company. The benefits are clear: Less time to generate leases and easier data entry. Improved vacancy forecasting. Significant reductions in the cost of paper and printing supplies, not to mention less time and space needed for storing documents. Wondering why you haven’t switched yet?

It’s ok. We can’t all be early adopters. But at some point we realize that if we don’t keep up with innovations, we start incurring real inconveniences. (Even more than being the only one of your Facebook friends who doesn’t post awesome Instagram photos to your wall.) If you’re unable to offer online leasing, you are spending more and more money but getting less in return. The technology exists. It works. It’s time to switch.

Property Solutions will be attending NAA in a couple of weeks and would love to meet with you there and show you all the reasons that, when it comes to online leasing, It’s Go Time! Don’t be a laggard. Schedule some time to meet with us today. Not going to Boston? Contact your Account Manager or call us at 877-826-9700 for more information.

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