Sep 21

It’s All In the Platform

Posted by: Entrata | Category: Newsletters

Your favorite team is playing and you want to check the results of the game. Do you log onto one site to check the score? Then you go to another to check the stats for each team? Then would you visit yet another to read a recap of the game? 

Of course not! Why put yourself through such a cumbersome process when sites are available with all of that information at the ready. Yet that’s essentially what many onsite teams are doing when they toggle through disparate systems to manage various steps of the leasing process. 

Tired of an inefficient experience, forward-thinking operators are gravitating toward a single-platform solution: one system that facilitates every step of the renter’s journey. Any property management platform worthy of consideration will offer these benefits:

Service your entire portfolio: You want a platform to provide a one-stop shop across a company’s portfolio with robust and unique tools for various types of rental properties, including conventional/market-rate apartments, student housing, commercial spaces, military and affordable housing.

Manage transactions: A robust property management platform will offer built-in payment processing to ensure streamlined financial processes and avoid costly delays. And you shouldn’t have to log in elsewhere for advanced fraud protections, including tools to instantly verify account balances and validity of funds. 

Help you sell: Does your platform provide teams with a comprehensive CRM? Tools for automated communications and cutting-edge lead management should be built-in, along with valuable data and insights to help drive effective business decisions. 

Empower teams and communities: Today’s platforms give your teams ultramodern capabilities, including in-platform management of smart devices. This can centralize management of smart devices across hundreds of units and a community’s common areas.

Bring it all together: A solid platform serves as a comprehensive, end-to-end leasing solution that covers all components of the process. That includes upfront processes such as applicant screening to everything a resident might need at the community. Bonus features, like renters insurance, can be built into the workflow to further enhance your efficiency. 

The ability to memorize an abundance of passwords may be a commendable trait. But it’s not one your leasing associates should have to utilize on a daily basis. A singular platform to manage every component of the leasing process eliminates inefficiencies, reduces headaches and, more than anything, simply makes sense in today’s fast-paced multifamily environment. Entrata does that.

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