Nov 16

Experts Available: Accounting Consulting Services

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Here’s a good one: How do you know when an accountant is on vacation? He doesn’t wear a tie and comes in after 8am! Yes, we all laugh about our accountants being utterly predictable or control freaks, but the truth of the matter is that we rely on that stability and control to keep us all in business. So when it comes to implementing a change in your accounting system, it’s really not that much of a surprise that often the biggest pushback comes from the Accounting department.

At Entrata, we understand that your accounting teams approach every system change with an extra measure of stress and anxiety. That’s why we’ve put together a team of accounting experts specifically for our clients rolling out Entrata’s Core property management software – consultants who speak their language (33% of them are CPAs) and know industry accounting systems inside and out.

Entrata Accounting Consultants work with our implementation teams to walk your corporate accounting teams, step by step, through the migration. They’re also available to be on-site with your teams, working side by side through the transition.

“It creates a relationship when you spend time with somebody, when you have a cup of coffee and you’re talking back and forth,” explained Terry Flahive, President of Princeton Properties. “It cements the feeling that we’re in this together. So that when there may be a question, our CFO picks up the phone and calls Brandon, and they know each other and they can get through it.”

Not only are the consultants available to verify that the migration of data from one system to another runs smoothly, they provide a wealth of practical knowledge; how-to’s and best practices to help your accounting teams adapt the software to your internal processes.

Whether it’s finalizing a month end closeout or putting together report packets, your dedicated consultant will work with your accounting team to make sure Entrata’s settings are customized just the way you need them. And they’ll be available through at least three month-end closes, giving your people time to become proficient and comfortable with the new system.

“Throughout this whole migration process I talked to the team at Entrata probably more than my friends and family,” said Dan Harvey, director of leasing development at Princeton. “They are super available to us and willing to talk and work through our issues. Then, about a month after the migration you talk less because you’ve resolved a lot of the issues. We couldn’t have done it without their support.”

You rely on your accountants’ reliability, predictability, and semi-fanatical control of your organization’s financial well-being. Don’t put them through a stressful system migration without the right kind of support. Find out more about Entrata Accounting Consulting services by reaching out to your Project Manager or Customer Success Manager.

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