Jun 18

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When you put it all together, Entrata’s platform lets you create the business processes and workflows that work best for your company. Companies that add Entrata Core are creating unprecedented efficiencies. Did someone say synergy?

We compared communities that are full-platform on Entrata against those using Entrata integrations with other property management software providers, and the results are telling. When Entrata Core is in the picture, properties experience higher traffic to websites, higher average occupancy rates, and much more streamlined leasing workflows. Core clients report more engaged employee teams and work closely with Entrata to tackle business challenges as partners.

Fiduciary Real Estate Development, Inc. moved its entire resident, leasing, marketing, and management operations to the Entrata platform in 2017 and immediately noticed a difference. “We’re no longer dealing with integration issues, our staff are more easily trained on the software and we don’t have any more cumbersome workarounds to get the software to do what we need it to do,” said Steve Ciesielski, Operations and Systems Management Supervisor. “Every piece of data we input in Entrata is collected for a purpose and connects throughout all of our operations in the system.”

What makes the difference? Every element of Entrata’s property management software platform was built right here in house. Other software providers have assembled systems based on software acquisitions, patching together various third-party solutions into inefficient workflows and inconsistent interfaces. By favoring a build over buy philosophy, we’re able to simplify portfolio-wide reporting, automate move-in and move-out processes, facilitate communications between all stakeholders, and implement technological advances faster than anyone else.

But even more importantly, connecting with Entrata’s unified architecture allows users the flexibility they need to create the business outcomes they want. Our software settings don’t dictate your processes; they enable you to customize the technology to fit what’s best for your business. You’ll find tools for each step of the leasing process, starting with digital marketing and reputation management, through leasing, and resident engagement. Are you an early adopter? Roll out home automations with Entratamation.

Every step of the way you’ll be connected with Entrata’s Customer Success team. They’ll help you shape the software to create the solutions you need and offer expert advice to make sure you’re taking advantage of every available benefit the platform has to offer.

Stop feeling disconnected from your software. Connect with Entrata today.

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